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Redwoods Publishing

Based in Hertfordshire, England.

"The First Place to Look"

We Supply charts for big and small jazz combinations and a growing collection of specialist books.

Band Charts.

	      			Accurate transpositions and arrangements for Big Bands at affordable prices.

	      			All notated charts are produced and proven using Finale and Garritan software. They are supplied as
	      			PDF files.

	      			Of special interest is our our 'Septet' library called '4+3'.
	      			These are arrangements for four front-line instruments and a computer-played rhythm section of
	      			piano, bass and drums.

A Jazz Transcription Service. See special transcriptions.


	     		 	Our musicians handbook, 'The Call of the Trumpet' was first published in 2004.It is now in its third edition.

	     		 	'The Transistor' tells of the astounding progress in technology brought about by this amazing device, marking
	     		 	the seventieth anniversary its invention.

				'From University to the South Pole is an gripping story of true life adventure.
Thanks for your visit and your support. Geoff Evans