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Redwoods Book Selection

       Front cover of The Call of the Trumpet

Brass playing today requires great endurance and the ability to exceed the normal range of the instruments. It also calls for versatility and the ability to play in a variety of styles, covering orchestral, jazz and popular music.

"The Call of the Trumpet" is about playing technique and musicianship to help players to cope with these demands. By referring to many fine players and writers on the subject, as well as the long and wide-ranging experience of the author, it shows that, although there is no one method that suits all, there are some important basic rules.

Most tutors give only a rudimentary explanation of technique before proceeding to exercises. "The Call of the Trumpet" however is not a book of exercises but an indispensible handbook to enable you to become a more competent performer. It contains a wealth of information and advice on matters that are essential for all musicians.

This book aims to help trumpet players to bypass some of the agony and confusion that many of us encounter on our journey to Super C.

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       Front cover of The Transistor

This is the story of one of our greatest achievements; the birth of ELECTRONICS. From powerful Computers, the Internet, Satellite Navigation, Ultra HD Television to Smartphones and Robotics. All because of the TRANSISTOR, a minute device created from silicon, an element contained in sand found in abundance throughout the beaches of the world.

Inside the 'transistor radio', first built in the 1970's, are devices called transistors. then, within an instant in time, the ingenuity of man has embedded millions of these devices into diminutive, integrated 'chips'. Today, these form the foundation of our technological society.

The 21st century will see huge advances in every conceivable discipline from wondrous three-dimensional virtual worlds, medicine and unlocking the mysteries of the brain and the Universe. The prospect of intelligent thinking machines, biologically based computers and many more concepts are too fantastical to contemplate.

All because of a humble device called THE TRANSISTOR invented only 70 years ago.

Paperback. Our on-line price to UK 8.99 GBP (Post Free)
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       Front cover of Universtity to the South Pole

Henry Evans, a marine biologist and climate change scientist, is an internationally sort-after speaker. At the age of 22, Henry was selected from over 300 candidates to trek the South Pole as one of a two-man International Scott Centenary Expedition. He tells of his incredible journey, its links to Captain Scott and his own passion for exploration and polar science.

Including expert contributions, this book is an informative, humorous and inspirational story that has so far reached over two million people worldwide.

Order direct from Henry.

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