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Redwoods Book Selection

Front cover of The Call of the Trumpet
Modern brass playing requires great endurance and the ability to exceed the normal range of the instruments. It also requires versatility and the ability to play in a variety of styles, ranging from orchestral to jazz and popular music. "The Call of the Trumpet" helps you to cope with these demands and to 'stand out in the crowd'. Although there is no one method that suits all, the book discusses the options available and the important basic rules. The book aims to help trumpet players to bypass some of the agony and confusion that many encounter on their journey to Super C. Yet, it contains a wealth of information and advice on matters that are essential for all musicians.
Perfect bound, A4 size paperback.

Our apology. The paper back edition is currently out of print. The PDF version is available however.
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(Note: A copy of the paperback version may still be available on Amazon or ebay).

PDF Copy. Our on-line price only 6.00 GBP

Front cover of The Transistor
The book is about one of the world's greatest achievements - the fantastic story of the TRANSISTOR. Barely 70 years since the first 'string and sealing wax' model was made, it has made possible powerful Computers, the Internet, SatNavs, Ultra HD Television, Smart phones and Artificial Intelligence. This is a tale of a minute device created from sand, found in abundance throughout the beaches of the world. Inside the 'transistor radio', first built in the 1970's, are devices called transistors. Now, after a blink of the eye in time, ingenuity has embedded millions of these devices into diminutive, integrated 'chips'. To day,they form the foundation of our technological society. 'THE TRANSISTOR' traces the intriguing history of the device in a readable manner. It then looks to the future to take a glimpse at the way huge advances will change our lives in incredible ways.
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Paperback. Special on-line price FOR STUDENTS UK, 6.99 GBP (Post Free) (RRP 9.99 GBP)
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Front cover of Dragon Soup
This is about 'leverage' - the process of levering as much of the wealth of those with lots of money into your own bank. A highly amusing and witty book. Especially for those who enjoy 'The Dragons' on TV. Good bedtime reading. An excellent present for those that have everything. A 'stocking filler' for Christmas. Don't miss the fun. Buy now.
Perfect bound paperback. Our on-line price 4.99 GBP Postage 1.70 GBP (RRP 4.99 GBP)

PDF Copy. Our on-line price only 4.00 GBP

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