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Help For When Using Microsoft 'Windows'

Screen Resolution
			The appearance of this web site may vary for different computers and their settings.

			If the text appears out of alignment, try the following for Windows 10:

				Right click your mouse on any area of the 'desktop' screen.
				Left click on 'Display Settings'.
				Left click on 'Advanced Display Settings'. (Scroll down to find it if necessary).
				(Make a note of the setting in case you want to change it back later)
				In the 'Resolution' box select 1360 x 768 (Recommended).

			For other versions of Windows select a resolution as close to 1360x768 as possible.

To Look at and Print PDF Files
			To view or print PDF parts you will need to have a PDF reader Reader on your computer.
			A reader by Adobe is available free from Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
			You may wish to untick the offers before downloading the reader)
Real Player
			To play the samples, you may need to install player software on your computer.
			The basic 'RealPlayer' is a free program and can be downloaded by clicking
			Real Player.

			Don't forget to click on the RealPlayer 'drop-down' menu and make sure that
			'On Top While Playing' is ticked.
No Sound.
				Make sure that MUTE is unticked.
				Click on 'Device Volume' and adjust volume.
				Click on ADVANCED and adjust WAVE volume. Make sure that MUTE is unticked
				Click on SPEAKER SETTINGS/ADVANCED and select the type of output you are using.
				Click on APPLY and OK
Further Help

Please email us at Contact Us if you need further help.